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Tony Robbins Experience
Price: $4.99

Release Date: July 10, 2020

Tony Robbins Experience enables emotional, visual and audible interactions between the audience and Tony in his online events. With the Tony Robbins Experience app the audience can express their emotions in real time during performances with their smartphone or tablet. Video presentation of the app:

There are four buttons in the app: "make some noise", "say I", "say yes" and "laugh", which when clicked on, generate the corresponding effect through loudspeakers live in the online event studio. The more the fans click or shake their devices: the louder it becomes in the online event studio. 

Every app user can hear the effects directly through their device (after unmuting the app).

In the online event studio, the sound output from the app is simply connected to the speaker system and can be heard by the presenter and audience alike. Automatic mixing of effects within the app ensures an all-round balanced sound.

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